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Thursday, November 3, 2005


This bone lucet was a gift last year. The shape and designs were carved from the bone and then stained it with tea to bring out the designs, which is my name carved in runes and three concentric circles which are a common Viking pattern.

Difficulty: Medium
Total Time: 3 hours

The original find that he based my lucet on is the "chicken" lucet, which was made out of whale bone and has an image of a bird on it with the same concentric circle designs. I also received a brass pick, which was hand forged over the kitchen hot plate for me to use to pick the threads up. We don't have an extant find for the pick, but it does make life much easier when making cords with it.

When I am making cord with it the base sits nicely in the palm of my hand and the indents you can see at the top of each prong keep the threads (wool) held on better and make it quite easy to use.
lucet lucet